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Coronavirus, Charter Schools, and Students Experiencing Homelessness

October 1 | 1 PM ET 

While the McKinney-Vento Act is in full effect this school year, some of the details of implementation must adapt to changes in education brought on by COVID-19. The rights to enroll in school immediately, attend the school of origin, receive transportation, access school meals, and participate in school activities can look very different in a distance learning or hybrid learning environment. This webinar will share practical strategies being used by charter schools to support students experiencing homelessness during the pandemic, as well as address legal questions around funding, meals, and school enrollment and attendance. 

Operationalizing Equity: Enabling Holistic Student Support

October 8 | 1 PM ET

This year looks different for every charter school, but educators are united in their focus on supporting the whole student during these changing times. Join the National Alliance and Salesforce.org for a webinar featuring charter school leaders who are innovating to ensure that each student thrives. Learn how these leaders are: 

  • Meeting students’ academic and social-emotional needs no matter where learning is taking place
  • Facilitating staff collaboration to ensure they’re providing students with the resources they need to thrive
  • Leveraging technology to connect students with equitable and holistic support at scale

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