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Each year, we rank states on how their charter school laws align to our model law.
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Read our 2017 State Legislative Highlights for a full of this historic year for public charter school policy across the country.
2017 State Legislative Highlights
Over the past 12 years, public charter school enrollment has tripled in response to the growing demands for high-quality public school options.
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The National Alliance is honored to help lead this movement into the next quarter century and we thank you for supporting our work and the charter school movement.
2016 Annual Report
The 2017 rankings reflect new provisions regarding flexibility, accountability, and equity and the steps many states took in 2016 to strengthen their laws and foster a landscape of high-quality charter schools.
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In just the last decade, charter school enrollment has nearly tripled from 1.2 million students in 2006-07 to 3.1 million this year.
Estimated Charter Public School Enrollment
A Growing Movement report shows that the charter school movement continues to expand to meet that demand and that, more importantly, charter schools are delivering results for students across the country.
This report explores how states can create a new approach to accountability for urban school districts that builds on the lessons learned in the charter school movement over the past quarter century.
In this revised version of the National Alliance's model charter school law, the policies outlined would increase the focus of state-level charter school laws on creating high-quality charter schools while holding underperforming schools and authorizers accountable.
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The compilation of research featured in the report shows how the over 12 million Hispanic children in American public schools are faring.