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Each year, we rank states on how their charter school laws align to our model law.
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Read our 2017 State Legislative Highlights for a full of this historic year for public charter school policy across the country.
2017 State Legislative Highlights
The 2017 rankings reflect new provisions regarding flexibility, accountability, and equity and the steps many states took in 2016 to strengthen their laws and foster a landscape of high-quality charter schools.
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2016 State Legislative Session Highlights for Charter Public Schools summarizes this years state legislative activity across the country, organized into the following categories: no-law states, authorizing and accountability, funding and facilities, and other issues
2016 State Legislative Highlights
In this revised version of the National Alliance's model charter school law, the policies outlined would increase the focus of state-level charter school laws on creating high-quality charter schools while holding underperforming schools and authorizers accountable.
A new model law 2
This report compares state laws over time based on 20 essential components focused on creating and supporting high-quality charter schools.
Assessing the Increasing Strength of Charter School Laws
This report measures movement growth, innovation, and quality, while this year doubling the number of quality measures we looked at in our first edition.
2015 has proved to be another successful year for public charter school legislation across the country.
2015 State Legislative Highlights
This state policy snapshot provides an overview of automatic closure policies in the 15 states that have such laws in 2015, which is an increase of four states since we last released this snapshot in 2014.
Automatic Closure of Low-Performing Public Charter Schools
The purpose of this report is to sync ratings from the multiple rankings reports to reflect changes in policy, not changes to our scoring rubrics and clarifications about existing policies.
Assessing the Increasing Strength of Charter Laws