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Charter school parent Ashley Guerra with child

The Top 4 Reasons Parents are “Never Going Back” on Education

The Harris Poll survey results provide deep insights into how parents feel about education, how their views have changed over the past two years, and the likelihood of their voting decisions being influenced by views on education. And they are never going back. 

Maine Families Push Against Anti-Charter School Legislation—and Win

The collective action of Maine's 10 public charter schools and their supporters led to a decisive win this week in the Pine Tree state with the defeat of bill LD604 that created a far-ranging threat to how charter schools would operate. 

National Alliance Commends Connecticut Students and Parents For Fighting for More Great Public Schools

Washington, D.C. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools president and CEO Nina Rees today released the following statement in response to the filing of a federal lawsuit challenging Connecticut laws and policies that significantly inhibit students and parents from acces