Public Charter Schools Success: A Summary of the Current Research on Public Charters' Effectiveness at Improving Student Achievement

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This report provides summaries of new public charter school studies released since 2010. The public charter school student performance studies examined in this report are studies that use longitudinal student-level data to examine public charter schools across the country, from national studies on charter management organizations (CMOs) and the KIPP model, to studies in different states and cities, including Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York City, Utah, Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin. The studies published since 2010 show positive results for students who attend public charter schools compared with traditional public schools. Three national studies and ten studies from major regions across the country since 2010 found positive academic performance results for students in public charter schools compared to their traditional public school peers, suggesting a strong upward trend among new studies in the effect of public charter schools on student performance. Since 2010, just one study that used longitudinal student-level data found neutral or negative results looking at public charter schools in the state of Utah. The new studies, combined with the aggregated results from the 2011 CRPE meta-analysis, provide evidence that many public charter schools are providing excellent learning opportunities for students.

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