State Policy Snapshot: Facilities Funding for Public Charter Schools

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One of the biggest challenges to the continued expansion of public charter schools is the fact that many public charter school laws place the ultimate burden of obtaining and paying for facilities on public charter schools themselves. As a result, public charter school leaders struggle to find suitable and affordable facilities to house their growing numbers of students.

States play an important role in determining the options available to help fund public charter school facilities. State policy options include:

  • Providing a per-pupil facilities allowance to public charter schools,
  • Creating a public charter school facility grant program,
  • Providing a public charter school facility revolving loan program,
  • Ensuring that public charter schools have equal access to all of the existing state facilities programs for traditional public schools in a state, and
  • Providing public charter schools with access to local property tax dollars generated for facilities.

This document provides a snapshot of the 29 jurisdictions that have authorized one or more of these options.


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