Making Room for New Public Schools How Innovative School Districts are Learning to Share Public Education Facilities with Charter Schools

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This report examines the public school facilities landscape in seven major cities and profiles the best practices for improving public charter school access to the existing stock of public school buildings. The case studies describe the innovative, affirmative policies and practices that are making public facilities available to all public schools. Our hope is that reading about these efforts will spur productive relationships and collaborative practices in many more communities around the allocation of school facilities. For each city, the report describes the policies and practices in place, the processes used, the lessons learned, and the challenges that remain even where laws are favorable to charter schools. To guide future advocacy toward fair and equitable allocation of public school buildings, this report also identifies strong policies to ensure charter schools have equitable access to surplus school district space. We hope that charter school advocates will use these model principles as they tackle facilities challenges in their own states and communities.

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