A Growing Movement: Americas Largest Charter School Communities, Fifth Edition

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Charter schools have never had the opportunity we have now. In addition to ongoing support from the U.S. Department of Education and Obama Administration, a number of films focused on Americas education crisis have brought national attention to the promise of charter schools. But where in America are charter schools growing most? Annually, the National Alliance collects public school enrollment data and examines which school districts are experiencing the biggest boosts in charter school enrollment. We look at these numbers in two ways, first by percentage of public school students enrolled in public charter schools, and second by actual number of students enrolled in charter schools.

Today, a record number of school districts four have at least 30 percent of public school students enrolled in public charter schools. Additionally, 16 school districts have more than 20 percent of their public school students enrolled in public charter schools, 10 more than five years ago. Ninety-one school districts now have at least 10 percent of public school students in charter schools, 27 more than two years ago. These numbers illustrate that charter enrollment growth remains strong. And with approximately 420,000 more students across the country hoping for an additional seat in a charter school, we expect our share of the public school landscape to continue to rise in the coming years.

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