How Do Charter Schools Get the Teachers They Want?

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The latest publication issued by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, "How Do Charter Schools Get the Teachers They Want?" examines the practices public charter schools employ to hire the teachers they need. Report authors Betheny Gross, Ph.D, and Michael DeArmond of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, explain that like all public school leaders, charter leaders want to hire talented and passionate teachers that will boost student achievement and contribute to a thriving school culture. Charter leaders are also attuned to whether a teacher is a good fit for the unique mission of their public charter school. This publication is the first installment of a year-long campaign to spotlight human-capital issues and opportunities in the charter movement. Over the next several months, we'll share a variety of publications and tools that will introduce supporters to the people that comprise the sector and the professional growth opportunities that exist. But more importantly, we want to hear from you. We want to know about your school, your job, your greatest successes, your biggest challenges and your ideas for how to improve public education. To begin, we're kicking of a social-media campaign called Charter People that will highlight individual charter school staffers who make this movement work. Help us by nominating a charter school teacher that is significantly impacting their school. Post a 140-character description of your nominee on our Facebook wall or send a tweet with the hashtag #charterpeople. If your nominee is selected to be profiled on our website, you will be eligible to win a free registration pass to this summer's National Charter Schools Conference in Atlanta, Georgia scheduled for June 20-23. Every single tweet and Facebook post will make users eligible.

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