Career Compass: Discovering Job Opportunities in the Public Charter School Sector

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As the U.S. public charter school movement approaches the 20th anniversary of the first charter school opening, there is much to celebrate. There are now more than 5,000 charter schools serving nearly 2 million students across the country. Parents have demanded high quality schools that are accountable for student achievement, and unique and innovative school models have developed to answer the call. Behind each of these schools whether it is a standalone school or part of a network are talented leaders and staff committed to the success of the school and its students. With the demand for high performing charter schools continuing to grow, the charter sector abounds with opportunities for talented individuals. Since each charter school or charter management organization (CMO) varies in size and school mission, there are many different skills and backgrounds that can be applied to jobs in and supporting charter schools. NAPCS is issuing this compilation of career narratives to highlight some of the employment opportunities in the public charter school sector. The featured profiles reflect the diversity of the charter school movement, the array of ages, educational disciplines and ethnicities illustrated on the pages that follow speak volumes about the sectors ability to attract some of our nations best and brightest talent. We cherish this diversity, and among this assortment of expertise and roles, there is a common current: a wholehearted belief in the work they are doing. Whether you're a college student, recent graduate or considering a career change, there are positions in the public charter school movement that can provide opportunities, challenges and professional growth. We hope this publication will inspire you to consider joining the thousands of committed individuals serving public charter school students.

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