2015 State Legislative Session Highlights for Public Charter Schools

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2015 has proved to be another successful year for public charter school legislation across the country. Some of the biggest developments of the 2015 state legislative sessions include:

  • Alabama became the 43rd state to enact a public charter school law.
  • Connecticut defeated a proposed two-year moratorium on opening of new charter schools.
  • Indiana increased school autonomy, strengthened school and authorizer accountability, and funded facilities and finance programs.
  • Nevada improved funding opportunities and modified its automatic closure requirements for low-performing public charter schools.
  • New York increased flexibility for teacher certification and adjusted its cap to allow more public charter school growth in New York City.
  • Ohio increased per-pupil funding for charter facilities and expanded the ability of traditional districts to levy taxes for charter schools that are sponsored by exemplary sponsors.
  • Oklahoma overhauled law, including provisions to allow charter schools statewide, strengthening school and authorizer accountability, and allowing charter schools to borrow money.
  • Wisconsin overhauled its law to allow more entities to authorize independent public charter schools, strengthening school and authorizer accountability, and providing additional funding to independent public charter schools.


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