National Charter Schools Group Outraged over Mayor de Blasios Decision to Kick Children Out of their School

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Four charter schools kicked out of school buildings, hundreds of children affected

WASHINGTON, D.C.- New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has told four charter schools they would lose their school buildings, leaving at least 700 children without a school this coming school year. One of the schools is already open and serving children, three were scheduled to open this fall. Among these schools is one of the top performing schools in the city, and more notably, the state. National Alliance for Public Charter Schools President and CEO Nina Rees issued the following statement in response:

Kicking one of the states top-performing schools out of its building and leaving three other schools without a building is nothing short of outrageous. At the school already serving children, Success Academy's Harlem 4, 83 percent of the students passed the state math exam last year, putting it in the top one percent of all schools in the state. Why would anyone want to stop that kind of student achievement?

This is an unjustified attack on the city's most vulnerable youth. 93 percent of students in charter schools in NYC are minorities and 73 percent are low-income. Among the country's 10 largest cities, all other mayors (8 of whom are Democrats) have embraced charter schools as a solution to urban education challenges. It is incomprehensible that Mayor de Blasio would intentionally force hundreds of children out of their schools. He is threatening to take away the most valuable thing we can give to our kids a quality education.

These children and parents don't deserve to have the rug pulled out from under their feet. De Blasio should immediately reconsider this decision and put the interests of the city's children first.

A recent report by the Center for Research on Educational Outcomes at Stanford University showed that students who attend charter schools in New York City are doing better in school than their peers who attend traditional district schools. There are 70,000 students enrolled in charter schools in New York, and 50,000 more students on charter school waiting lists.

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