Our Work

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At the National Alliance, we advocate for the millions of public school students attending or hoping to attend a charter school. We do this through federal and state advocacy efforts, research, and elevating national awareness for the charter school movement.

We educate lawmakers and thought leaders about how charter schools can meet the needs of the communities they serve by providing families with public school options.

We lead the charter school community from our nation’s capital, bringing together charter school teachers, leaders, lawyers, researchers, and policy experts through events like the annual National Charter Schools Conference, as well as through online resources.

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National Alliance Publications

The latest reports, papers, and research published by the National Alliance.

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Federal Policy

We work closely with charter school stakeholders, the U.S. Department of Education, and key members of Congress to ensure that charter schools are treated fairly in federal policy and regulations.

Learn about our policy priorities.

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Charter School Laws by State

To help states create laws that support high-quality public charter schools, we developed a model state law. Each year, we rank states based on how well their laws align to this model.

Explore our charter law dashboard.

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Legal Advocacy

We support a national network of charter school lawyers and invests in litigation with a national impact.

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Research and Data

Our Charter School Data Dashboard provides statistics on enrollment, numbers of schools, breakdown of type of charter school, and management structure. View the data nationally, by state, by congressional district, by school district, or by school.

View nationwide charter school data.