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stunting growth

Stunting Growth

The Alliance has released the first of its 2006 Issue Briefs, titled "Stunting Growth: The Impact of State-Imposed Caps on Charter Schools." This report identifies the states with legislated limits on charter school growth and documents the impact these laws have on families seeking high quality

Chartering 2.0 Summit Proceedings Document

This summer, the Alliance gathered some of the nation's top charter school leaders and education reform experts to consider and prepare for the next generation of the charter school movement. The event was extremely productive and thought-provoking.
A State Policymaker's Guide to Alternative Authorizers

A State Policymaker's Guide to Alternative Authorizers of Charter Schools

Issue brief from the Education Commission of the States to help policymakers think through what kind of alternative authorizing structures may make sense for their states.
Renewing the Compact

Renewing the Compact: A Statement by the Task Force on Charter School Quality and Accountability

A growing body of research shows that the performance of most charter schools is strong and improving over time with some achieving spectacular results.

State of the Charter Movement

The Alliance released a data-rich report that provides timely, valuable information on key elements of the charter movement: growth, academic achievement, accountability, public opinion, and policy. The report also features a dashboard, to be updated annually with indicators of progress.
Studying Achievement in Charter Schools

Studying Achievement in Charter Schools: What Do We Know?

Commentary on 38 comparative analyses of charter and district performance, including a study-by-study look at central findings and methodological strengths and weaknesses.
Are States Making the Grade?

Charter School Authorizing: Are States Making the Grade?

This report by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute is the first significant study of the organizations that authorize charter schools.