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What NAEP Is Really Telling Us About Charter Performance

Last October, charter supporters received some good news upon the release of the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), otherwise known as "The Nation's Report Card." Since the report received scant media attention (reporters still seem to be consulting the less impressive 2003


Stunting Growth

The Alliance has released the first of its 2006 Issue Briefs, titled "Stunting Growth: The Impact of State-Imposed Caps on Charter Schools." This report identifies the states with legislated limits on charter school growth and documents the impact these laws have on families seeking high quality


Chartering 2.0 Summit Proceedings Document

This summer, the Alliance gathered some of the nation's top charter school leaders and education reform experts to consider and prepare for the next generation of the charter school movement. The event was extremely productive and thought-provoking.


State of the Charter Movement

The Alliance released a data-rich report that provides timely, valuable information on key elements of the charter movement: growth, academic achievement, accountability, public opinion, and policy. The report also features a dashboard, to be updated annually with indicators of progress.