Case Study on Oklahoma's 2021 Redbud School Funding Act

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In June 2021, SB 229, the Oklahoma Redbud School Funding Act (Redbud Act), passed the state legislature on a bipartisan vote and was signed into law by the governor. The Redbud Act dedicates $38.5 million in medical marijuana tax revenues to provide annual grants of $330 per pupil to school districts and to charter schools that receive less than the state average of local property tax revenues. Twenty-five brick-and-mortar charter schools and close to 330 school districts—more than 50% of all public school students—will see long-term financial benefits guaranteed by the Redbud Act.

This case study examines the multi-year effort to pass the Redbud Act, which helps close the funding disparity between all types of public schools located within the same tax base without taking funds from one type of school to fund another

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