Federal Policy

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One of our key goals is to advocate for resources to launch and expand charter schools and keep erroneous federal rules at bay. We work closely with charter school stakeholders, the U.S. Department of Education, and key members of Congress to ensure that charter schools are treated fairly in federal policy and regulations. Our work on the Every Student Succeeds Act helped ensure that critical updates were made to help charter schools thrive and we advocate each year to ensure that the federal Charter Schools Program receives the funding it needs to help meet parent demand for charter schools.

Join us and become a charter school champion. The National Alliance works with individuals and organizations to ensure that every child has a high-quality public school education.

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Expand Congressional and Administrative Support

Through briefings publications, and testimony, we educate members of Congress about the important role that charter schools play in educational innovation, choice, and reform. The National Alliance also serves as a critical first point of contact for policymakers as they make decisions that affect charter schools around the nation.

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Increase Federal Funding

The federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) supports the creation of new schools and the replication of charter schools that are producing results. The CSP needs additional funding to continue to meet parental demand.  The National Alliance also works to advocated for other sources of funding for charter schools such as the New Market Tax Credits which are integral for investments in charter school facilities.

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Represent and Protect the Charter School Model

Charter schools are leaders in educational innovation. Members of the charter school community—including parents, teachers and school leaders—know firsthand the importance of flexibility and autonomy for schools to make decisions about curriculum, staffing, and other issues. The National Alliance regularly communicates these types of concerns to policymakers so that they have a clear understanding of how their decisions affect schools.

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Engage Constituents

An important part of representing the charter school movement is ensuring the voices of our parents, students, teachers and leaders are represented in the halls of Congress. The National Alliance creates opportunities for charter advocates to visit Washington D.C. and write or call their representatives.