Louisiana: Transparent Charter Application, Review, and Decisionmaking Processes

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Louisiana law provides application elements for all schools and additional application elements specific to conversion schools and educational service providers. The law requires the state board of education to develop a common charter school application and timelines to be used by all authorizers and a process for authorizing multiple charter schools via one application for charters with a record of success.

Type 2, 4, and 5 applications must be submitted to the state board of education pursuant to a charter application process established by regulation, in the form of a request for applications that must include the requirements for applications. Regulations require that the release of a request for applications include public notice, notice to national, regional, and state organizations that support charter schools, and notice to all known interested parties.

State law requires local school board authorizers to also engage in a transparent application review process that complies with the latest Principles and Standards for Quality Charter Schools Authorizers as promulgated by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, including the public posting of all application forms, timelines, and processes for review and the use of an independent evaluation of the proposal by a third party.
Louisiana law requires that decisions on charter applications be made by formal vote at official meetings of the public entities responsible and requires written explanation of reasons for denial.