Master Classes

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In collaboration with the National Charter School Resource Center, the National Alliance NLK_5517has providedmaster classes to charter support organization (CSO) leaders and staff as part of an ongoing training series.


About Master Classes

The National Alliances master classes offer cutting-edge preeminent training for CSO executives and staff. Over the past seven years, the National Alliance has presented more than 20 training classes to hundreds of CSO staff on a variety of topics, including: quality and accountability, advocacy, communications and public relations, new school development, closing underperforming schools, performance management, and sustainability. Class attendance is typically 25-35 individuals from 15-20 states. The master classes have been highly rated, with many repeat participants.

Master classes are designed to build the capacity of CSOs to support new and existing charter schools. Classes use tool-based training from leading practitioners, and create and foster a community of practice and peer-to-peer problem solving among CSO staff nationwide. This method ensures participants can implement the tools learned immediately upon returning home from training.

By increasing capacity, communication, and collaboration among stakeholders, master classes help ensure that charter schools receive the support they need to effectively serve their students.

Upcoming master classes:

  • Master Class: Communications(June 2017)

Recent master class webinars and resources:

  • Master Class: Quality & Accountability(April 2017)
  • Master Class: Emerging Legal Trends (December 2016)
  • Master Class: Communications(September2016)
  • Master Class: CSO Best Practices (June 2016)
  • Master Class: School Leadership Development (February 2016)

If you have questions about the master classes, please contact Emily Schultzat


About the National Charter School Resource Center

The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC), backed by the U.S. Department of Education, gathers, develops and makes accessible a wide range of high-quality resources to support the charter school sector; enables successful planning, authorization, implementation, and continuation of high-quality charter schools; and increases the national understanding of the charter school model. Education consulting firm Safal Partners operates the center, which has produced a wealth of resources on a diverse range of topics including: students with disabilities, English learners, district-charter collaborations, military families, blended learning, Common Core, facilities, authorizer quality and evaluations, and charter operations.