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The Data Tells All: High Support Among Hispanic Families for Charter Schools

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re putting the spotlight on Hispanic support for charter schools across America. Here’s what the data show in terms of support for charter schools in Hispanic communities.
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The Top 4 Reasons Parents are “Never Going Back” on Education

The Harris Poll survey results provide deep insights into how parents feel about education, how their views have changed over the past two years, and the likelihood of their voting decisions being influenced by views on education. And they are never going back. 

New Report Shows Parents More Engaged Than Ever in Education, and “Never Going Back”

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools releases new survey data from The Harris Poll on parents’ views on education and willingness to be “education voters.”
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New Schools, New Opportunities For Success: Rio Grande Academy of Fine Arts

A new charter school in New Mexico offering an arts education along with high-achieving academics is the type of school that Jordan Franco and Michele Platis, the school’s co-founders and co-directors, wished they had the opportunity to attend.

National Alliance Statement on the US Senate Committee FY23 Appropriations Proposed Bill

The National Alliance applauds the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations for the proposed FY23 Appropriations Bill which includes $440 million for the Charter Schools Program.