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Montana House Takes Major Step Towards Passing Historic Charter School Legislation

“On Friday, Montana’s House of Representatives passed The Community Choice Schools Act (HB 562), a bill that will bring innovative public education options to the state via high-quality public charter schools. Montana is one of only five states in the nation without a charter school law. 

The National Alliance Celebrates the Passage of Two Idaho Bills That Will Provide More Facilities Support for Public Charter School Students

“Congratulations to Idaho’s legislature and Governor Brad Little for enacting SB 1042 and SB 1043 into law. The two laws will support increased access to funding for facilities, allowing charter schools and leadership to focus more funding in the classroom and on students.

The National Alliance Releases Statement on President Biden's FY2024 Budget

“The President’s budget calls for significant increases in K-12 education – a 13.6% jump from the 2023 enacted level – for a total of $10.8 billion in additional funding. The additional resources for K-12 would help meet critical post-pandemic educational, mental health, and staffing needs.