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Why Investing in Charter Schools is a Good Idea

A recent study released by researchers at the University of Arkansas, A Good Investment: The Updated Productivity of Public Charter Schools in Eight U.S. Cities, provides key insights into cost-effectiveness and return-on-investment comparisons across public charter and traditional public schools.

Our Chartering Past Informs—and Shapes—Our Future

When former Minnesota state senator Ember Reichgott Junge first authored the first-in-nation charter school law in 1991, she didn’t realize the powerful forces she had unlocked. She shares her mission to ensure the past is remembered as we look forward in the movement.

Can Good Curriculum Transcend the Charter-District Divide?

A few years into the open source curricula experiment, we are starting to see that teachers across school types will embrace quality content regardless of its origin—and that a home-grown school curriculum can compete with big publishers when it comes to quality indicators.

Examining the Charter School Pipeline—The Value of Understanding the Charter School Market

The authorization process is a fundamental component of creating and maintaining a strong charter school sector, but without careful examination of the charter school pipeline we miss a tremendous amount of information about the opportunities we are providing for our students.