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Top 10 Highlights from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in 2018

Our movement has made some major strides this year and so has the leading organization advocating for the millions of students attending or wanting to attend a public charter school. See the top 10 highlights from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in 2018.

Cultural Conversations in Public Charter Schools?

A growing number of public charter schools specialize in integrating cultural knowledge alongside a more established educational curriculum. The Joseph K. Lumsden Bahweting Anishnabe Academy, a high-performing charter school in Michigan, fulfills this mission by shaping their student experience around the Anishinaabe traditions and language.

FY 2018 Program Update: Charter Schools Program Funds Reaching Schools in 38 States

The U.S. Department of Education awarded grants in four of the six Charter Schools Programs: State Entities, Developers, Credit Enhancement, and Dissemination for a total of $400 million in September. Senior Policy Advisor Christy Wolfe takes a closer look at where the money went.

Why was this teacher silent for the first three weeks of Pre-calculus?

Recognizing that the best teaching is learned through authentic experience and practice, the Urban Teaching Fellowship at City on a Hill Charter Public Schools is training teachers to be effective from day one. Through mentors, pure observation and a scale-up model during the year, Fellows gain the experience necessary to provide the best learning environment for their students.