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Charter Schools Meet the Needs of Special Education Students

New methods of teaching help charter schools serve all students, but especially students with special needs. Advocates continue to encourage new approaches to help these students meet their individualized goals in increasingly inclusive settings. The Community Charter School of Cambridge, for example, utilizes a high-quality and effective method of collaboration between general and special education teachers to bring out the best in all their students.

Doral College Ethics Class Creates Opportunities for Charter High School Students

Florida’s Doral College is a special place. Unlike other higher-ed institutions, it was founded in cooperation with public charter school nonprofit organizations to serve charter school students.


A Progressive Democrat’s Case for Public Charter Schools

Marty Walz, a former Democratic state representative from Boston and self-titled progressive Democrat, explains why her support for public charter schools was solidified after she witnessed how public schools can transform when the needs of children and families take priority.

My Charter School Graduation Journey: From Haiti to Finding Achievement First

Dab Christian survived the 2010 Haiti earthquake that killed more than 220,000 people to become a 2018 graduate of Achievement First Brooklyn High School. He shares his story as an immigrant and how Achievement First helped him gain his confidence and grow into the person he is today.