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Elements of Successful Charter School Authorizing

Strong, thoughtful, and visionary authorizers and authorizing practices are absolutely essential to the continued growth and health of the charter school movement – a movement which aims to provide expanded opportunities to millions of students while also positively reshaping the larger public educa

Atlantis Charter School Gives Students 21st Century Opportunities

Businesses in Massachusetts across the nation face a growing shortage of workers qualified to fill jobs. This so-called “skills gap” leaves many manufacturing, health care, information technology, and other companies struggling to find workers. Atlantis Charter School in Fall River, Massachusetts is on a mission to change that.

Why Not High-Quality Public Charter School Options for Rural States?

Opening a public charter school in a rural setting is more challenging than most would anticipate and support is scarce. With more leaders like Marcos Martinez stepping up to the plate, more great charter schools can flourish in areas of need like rural states and communities.