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National Alliance Monthly News May 2018

Our Monthly Newsletter for May provides an overview on the National Alliance and the public charter school movement, along with federal, state, and legal updates. In her note, President & CEO Nina Rees touches on the tragedy at Santa Fe High School in Texas and imparts the importance of ensuring our students are safe in school.

Charter Schools Changed My Life: From Newark to College

Looking back now, as a Black woman from an inner city, I can finally say that I understand why KIPP schools are so integral to the success of young Black children. No other school in my career thus far, has been so invested in my future. Thank you dearly KIPP charter schools for seeing my potential! 

Celebrating Change Makers: One Week Can Make a Big Difference

During this National Charter Schools Week, I hope that charter parents, teachers and school leaders will give all of America a chance to see what is possible when parents are empowered, children are happy and great schools are making a difference. The charter school movement has the stories—and this week is the time to tell them.

I Just Traveled the Entire Country and Found One Thing We Teachers Can Agree On

This Teacher Appreciation Day, I hope we can remember that behind every headline about teachers, there are countless stories, like these, of teachers who care deeply about their work and who keep students at the center of every decision they make. Which is, in a word, inspiring.