Charter School Parents Lead Rally in Washington, D.C. to Fight for Public Charter Schools

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Parent advocates from more than 20 states unite for Day of Action during National Charter Schools Week

MAY 11, 2022 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- Today, nearly 1,000 charter school parents from around the country united in Washington, D.C. to fight for public charter schools. During National Charter Schools Week, parent advocates took action in response to new regulations proposed by the U.S. Department of Education for the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) and gathered at the White House to share personal stories. Parents wanted to tell the Administration how important charter schools are to their families and communities and how dangerous these proposed regulations are.

Public charter schools are an important part of the American education landscape serving 3.6 million students — two-thirds of whom are from low-income, Black or Hispanic communities. Nearly 65% of all charter schools are single-site community-based schools, and the U.S. Department of Education's proposed regulations on federal Charter Schools Program funds threatens schools like this. The proposed new rules and regulations would make it more difficult and nearly impossible for community leaders to start, expand, and grow charter schools. 

“This diverse coalition of charter school families and students felt they were not being heard, so they wanted to bring their message right to Washington,” said Nina Rees, President and CEO, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. “Parents are coming from all over the country– representing urban, rural and suburban communities. They want to make sure everyone sees them and understands they will never stop fighting for their children, and their right to access a high-quality public school. This attack on the Charter Schools Program is an attack on them.” 

Participating organizations included: The Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools, African American Charter School Coalition, The Memphis Lift, Black Latinx Asian Charter School Collaborative (BLACC) Texas Association of Public Charter Schools, the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, Rocketship Public Schools, the National Parents Union, and 30 other state and national parent, charter school, education, and advocacy organizations. 

To see photos and videos from today’s rally, please click here.  

At today's rally, parent advocates said the following:  

“You’re looking at a boy who was a straight A student and then had a traumatic brain injury. He was hit by a car. KIPP held my hand. They were there every day for me. Why wouldn’t I want him to go to a charter school?” -Toya Algarin, Parent and Board Trustee at KIPP Philadelphia 

“I’m from the beautiful island of St. Lucia where many of our kids from the island are in charter schools, and we know the value of education. We know that the fundamental cure to poverty is not money but knowledge. And we know that charter schools provide that knowledge and that empowerment. I got a voice, and I’ll use it.” -Julietta Gonzague, Parent at Uncommon Schools New York

“Every child across the country deserves to experience that same magic without our government creating barriers. Every child should have the opportunity to be supported and encouraged and embraced in any setting that works best for them.” -Ashley Jackson, Parent at Future Public Schools Idaho