Where the Movement Meets

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It’s been nearly two years since the entire country transitioned to something that was, at the time, completely unthinkable—entirely remote education. While most teachers and students returned to in-person learning, we continue to adjust to change after change. While so much seems uncertain, there’s one thing we know for sure—the future of education has changed forever. 

The National Charter Schools Conference is right there with you. We went remote for 2020 and 2021, we adjusted our content during those years to meet you where you were, we tested out new virtual platforms, and now…we’re ready to meet back in person in Washington, D.C. 

That’s right, we’re back! But it’s certainly not business as usual. You’ve changed, your students have changed, your schools have changed, and so have we.  

Connect at NCSC22 

After two years apart, we’re all craving the chance to connect. What have your colleagues across the country been doing differently? How have they handled the chaos of the last two years? Here’s your chance to find out. We all have something to add to the conversation and giving you the space and opportunity to do just that is a top priority at NCSC22.  

NCSC22 Content 

As always, our content will meet you where you’re at. We’re talking about trauma-informed education, critical race theory, and mental health (for students AND teachers). We’re thinking about the future—of education, of teaching, and about the upcoming election cycle. We’re certainly not shying away from any topics. (Have an approach you want to share? Our call for proposals is open until February 1!) 

Collaborate at NCSC22 

There’s just something about being together with thousands of other people who have the same goals as you. We fight for our students every day. It’s hard, its rewarding, and sometimes it’s discouraging. But families are flocking to charter schools because they value YOUR work. So take this chance to elevate the impact of your work by collaborating with others who are working just as hard to do right by students. 

The National Charter Schools Conference—it’s where the movement meets. We’re committed to hosting a safe and rewarding event to make up for the time we’ve lost together over the past two years and we can’t wait to see you there. Register today


Patricia Guidetti is the senior director of programs at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.