National Alliance Statement on the Juneteenth Holiday

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Today, communities, businesses, and organizations across the country, including the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, are celebrating Juneteenth.

On June 17, Congress passed a bill and President Biden signed into law acknowledgment of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, as the day celebrating the emancipation of African-Americans who had been enslaved in the United States.

Educational access and civil rights have always been intertwined in America.  Even today, many students who have been denied access to a high-quality education can trace their ancestral roots to slavery.  Freedom and equality have come a long way in America, and as we work to make our nation a more perfect union, recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday is a bold step toward that goal.

“The National Alliance proudly salutes all the families, students, educators, and advocates whose ancestors helped build this great nation,” said Nina Rees, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. “There is still so much more to be done, and we will continue working to ensure a high-quality public education is available to every student. That is our highest priority and remains one of the most important drivers to achieve freedom and equality for all.”