National Alliance Statement on IDEA Schools Investigation

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WASHINGTON, D.C– The IDEA Public Schools Board of Directors recently announced that they uncovered troubling findings from an internal investigation of the network’s financial records. The board’s swift and decisive action to commission this review demonstrates a commitment to financial accountability and good governance. As a result, and at the urging of the board, Texas law enforcement is now involved in a criminal investigation. Top leaders in the organization have been removed from their posts and these very serious allegations are now in the hands of law enforcement

While this is a difficult time for all involved and for the broader charter school community, the National Alliance remains steadfast on three things:

  1. Support for the families, students, and dedicated educators of IDEA Public Schools. IDEA remains one of the top performing charter networks in the country and the education experience in these unique public schools has changed the trajectory of thousands of students’ lives.
  2. Support for accountability and maintaining the highest standards of conduct within the charter school sector. Public education is a public trust. If ever that trust is breached, we are all hurt. The controls and systems built into the charter model are designed to uncover, address, and root out problems of this nature.
  3. A commitment to transparency, ethics and financial accountability. Financial transparency is one of the 21 essential components of a strong charter school law, known as the National Alliance’s “Model Law.” We applaud Texas lawmakers for extensive public reporting requirements for financial data that exceed what traditional districts are required to report.