Student Access to World-Class Education Options Expanded in Iowa

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WASHINGTON, D.C– Todd Ziebarth, Senior Vice President of State Advocacy and Support for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, issued a statement following the enactment of a game-changing public charter school bill in Iowa: 

“Iowa students and families deserve more education opportunities. This was made even more clear during the pandemic, as Governor Kim Reynolds sought more learning options for Iowa students and families to help recover from the learning-loss effects of school closures. Student-centered public charter schools provide students and families with alternative learning options that set them up for success in school and life.

“Thanks to the leadership of Governor Reynolds, Senator Amy Sinclair, and Representative Skyler Wheeler, Iowa has made a big step forward to expand education opportunities for all families.

“With the signing of HF813, Iowa now allows charter school founding groups to apply directly to the state, which will set a high bar for opening charter schools to ensure academic rigor and quality and hold the schools accountable for performance-based results. These changes will attract more charter school providers to the state and support the creation of high-quality public charter schools for Iowa families for many years to come.”