National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Issues Statement on the Passage of a Stronger Charter School Law in Wyoming

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WASHINGTON, D.C– Todd Ziebarth, Senior Vice President of State Advocacy for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, issued a statement following the passage of a new public charter school bill in Wyoming: 

"The National Alliance congratulates Wyoming on the significant improvements made to its public charter school law with the passage of SEA 74. Due to the leadership of Senator Ogden Driskoll, Senator Affie Ellis, and Representative Evan Simpson, Wyoming significantly improved its public charter school law, which will in turn improve the overall public education ecosystem in the state. These much-needed changes include adding a statewide authorizer to review public charter school applications, expanding operational autonomy for public charter schools, creating a transparent public charter school application process, and ensuring strong accountability for public charter school performance. These changes will support the creation of high-quality public charter schools for Wyoming families for many years to come."