A Note on the 2021 Capitol Attack

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The strength of our democracy had been tested over the past several months and weeks, and especially yesterday. The world watched the U.S. Capitol being breached by protestors while lawmakers gathered to count electoral votes and certify the 2020 election. Ultimately, Congress was able to complete the constitutionally required process that marks the final step in certifying the transition of power before the new president's inauguration on Jan. 20. 

Our democracy has withstood even greater challenges and survived. As a community of charter school supporters, our work remains critically important. The National Alliance will continue to bring you news and information, support your work and strive to create a policy environment that allows charter schools to thrive. Looking to the future, we have work to do on Capitol Hill, in statehouses and in communities across the country with a new group of lawmakers. We congratulate newly elected U.S. Senators Warnock and Ossoff on their historic victories.

And now we must ensure they—and all other elected officials—understand the value of charter schools. There is much work to do. 

In solidarity, 

Nina Rees
President & CEO
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools