Top 5 Educational Videos from the National Charter Schools Conference

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Screen shot of DeRay Mckesson from NCSCvirtual

Schools continue to experience tremendous uncertainty and change in 2020. While we were unable to be together in Orlando this summer for an in-person National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC), we were excited to bring you our first-ever virtual conference along with a webinar series on virtual learning with past NCSC keynote speakers.

Like most of you, I look forward to a time when we can gather as a community and celebrate all the teachers and leaders who are crushing limits and showing up for kids every day. We have learned a lot over the past months about what works, what doesn't, and where we can grow.

As we close the year and look forward to a new one, we want to share our top five educational videos from NCSC:

1. How to Teach and Engage Students via Video with Sal Khan

Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, offers his unique insights and resources available to deliver high-quality remote learning for students during school closures during our webinar series at the on-set of the pandemic.

2. Three Things to Get Right in Remote Learning

This session from NCSCvirtual uses video analysis of actual teacher lessons from schools across the US to demonstrate how teachers can use and adapt three key ideas in remote classrooms. Doug Lemov, managing director of Uncommon Schools’ Teach Like a Champion team, shares his insight.

3. Reopening Schools in a Time of Uncertainty: Insights for School Leaders

This session from NCSCvirtual brings together four charter school leaders, of varying perspectives, to explore strategies for creating responsive reopening plans.

4. Equity in Education: Realities and Strategies for Change

Gain perspective from these education leaders Layla Avila (Education Leaders of Change), Margaret Fortune (Fortune School), and Shavar Jeffries (Democrats for Education Reform), along with moderator and charter school graduate, Afrika Owes, with a recorded session from NCSCvirtual.

5. The New Normal: Working and Teaching from Home with Jaime Casap

Jaime Casap, Google's chief education evangelist, shares what parents can do to engage students in meaningful remote learning experiences, all the while balancing their work during a webinar earlier this year.


As much as your classrooms and schools will look different post-pandemic, so will event experiences. This is an unprecedented opportunity to permanently change the rules so that we can tackle the "new normal" head-on and continue to provide education on what matters.

We hope to bring you more content—virtually and in-person—to inspire you this coming year.


Sindy Pierre-Noel is the senior manager of programs at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

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