Uplifting Stories from the Charter Community XXI

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This post is part of an ongoing series sharing the positive stories that have come out of the challenges our schools are facing. To see all of the posts in this series, click here.

In a short amount of time, COVID-19 has changed the way we live. The term social distancing is a new norm—and families around the world are forced to adapt to new routines. While the lives of many have changed significantly, one thing that has remained consistent is the drive of school leaders and teachers to continue serving their students the best way they can. Despite the problems many Americans are facing, there are many examples that show how educators are going the extra mile.

Charter Schools Host Drive-Thru Celebrations for Students

The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping this charter school from celebrating their high school seniors. Career Academy South Bend in Indiana will have a drive-thru ceremony to highlight students’ accomplishments and pass out their diplomas. There will be one vehicle per student and families will remain inside during the celebration. And the school is not stopping there—they are honoring students on digital billboards in their community and spotlighting them on Facebook.

In Wyoming, Laramie Montessori Charter School is celebrating students, parents, and teachers using a drive-thru for a “Car Line Celebration.” This is an effort to unite the school community, provide a little normalcy, and create a positive end-of-the-school-year experience.

Charter School Collaborates to Help Families

Rocky Mount Prep in North Carolina teamed up with a nearby church and foodbank to help provide meals for local families in-need. The volunteers sorted food items, packed boxes, and passed the packages out to vehicles who drove up. Altogether they distributed meals to 505 families.

Charter School Celebrates Mothers’ Day

SST Advancement in Texas is switching it up this Mothers’ Day. Normally, they would visit the students’ homes to celebrate, but this time mother’s will be able to drive up to the school. The moms who visit will receive a special gift and a heartfelt message. Kudos to this charter school for making sure parents feel appreciated during these difficult times. 

Charter Schools Focus on Mental Health

Excel Academy Charter School in Massachusetts launched a website  and Instagram page to support students’ mental health during the pandemic. Both feature counseling resources, physical health support, immigration information, where to find personal protective equipment, and COVID-19 testing information.

In North Carolina, Evergreen Community Charter School is also incorporating mental health during virtual learning. Teachers and students discuss how they feel and what they are doing to cope during the coronavirus crisis. Through class meetings, dance parties, art time, or “fix-it-hour,” school leaders say they are committed to checking-in with students, providing resources, and keeping them uplifted.

Charter Schools Strengthen Online Learning

In Texas, Bloom Academy Charter School is giving students flexibility in their remote learning schedules. This is an effort to help each student learn more effectively and to help decrease any schedule challenges for parents. 

In Florida, Viera Charter School parents shared how they are impressed by their school’s transition to remote learning. One parent noted feeling thankful for learning options. Students can tune in live to watch their teachers in real time or log-in later to see the recording.

Charter School Creates Literacy Fund

Seacoast Charter School in New Hampshire created a Literacy Intervention Fund to help students. The fund would help develop a literacy intervention program to meet students’ needs. One goal is to help close the student achievement gap and prevent the gap from growing due to the COVID-19 crisis.


If you have an uplifting story to share about educators going the extra mile, please send it to me at brittnee@publiccharters.org.

Brittnee Exum is the manager of communications and marketing at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.