Uplifting Stories from the Charter Community XIV

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plant donation during covid 19

This post is part of an ongoing series sharing the positive stories that have come out of the challenges our schools are facing. To see all of the posts in this series, click here.

In a short amount of time, COVID-19 has changed the way we live. The term social distancing is a new norm—and families around the world are forced to adapt to new routines. While the lives of many have changed significantly, one thing that has remained consistent is the drive of school leaders and teachers to continue serving their students the best way they can. Despite the problems many Americans are facing, there are many examples that show how educators are going the extra mile.

Charter School Students Donate Plants to Hospital Workers

Students with special needs at Commonwealth Charter Academy in Pennsylvania showed their support for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are on the frontline fighting COVID-19. They donated 50 plants including purple basil, pineapple sage, and jade to hospital workers. The students are apart of the GROW project, which helps students with autism and learning disabilities practice social skills, independence, money management, and other life skills. The students started before schools closed and finished their project remotely with the help of their teachers.


Charter School Sends Chromebooks to Students

Chromebooks are on the way! Propel Charter School in Pennsylvania mailed 1,600 laptops to their students. Many of their students did not have computer access—this is a great way to equip them with the tools they need to continue online learning. In the meantime, teachers have called students to check-in and help them stay encouraged.


Charter School Student gets into 3 Ivy League Schools

A senior at Blackstone Valley Prep High School in Rhode Island has been accepted into three Ivy League Schools Representatives at Brown, Yale, and Harvard Universities all want Victoria Wijerathnayapa to choose their school. Congratulations to Victoria for being a future first-generation college student!


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Brittnee Exum is the manager of communications and marketing at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.