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This post is part of an ongoing series sharing the positive stories that have come out of the challenges our schools are facing. To see all of the posts in this series, click here.

In a short amount of time, COVID-19 has changed the way we live. The term social distancing is a new norm—and families around the world are forced to adapt to new routines. While the lives of many have changed significantly, one thing that has remained consistent is the drive of school leaders and teachers to continue serving their students the best way they can. Despite the problems many Americans are facing, there are many examples that show how educators are going the extra mile.

Teachers Donate Supplies for First Responders

In Colorado, teachers and leaders at Foundations Charter Academy donated supplies to first responders. The principal gathered materials such as, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, gloves, and masks from each classroom and packed six large boxes to give away. And, a science teacher who oversees instruction at two KIPP elementary schools in Massachusetts, collaborated with other schools to donate 150 pairs of goggles and packs of gloves to deliver to healthcare professionals. That same school leader is working to train teachers on how to effectively deliver instruction, using Google Classroom, while ensuring families in-need get internet access. In New York City, a teacher at KIPP Infinity Middle School helped by sending more than 100 bottles of hand sanitizer and lab googles, 90 packs of Lysol wipes, and 30 boxes of gloves, while still teaching his students online.

Students Continue Learning Online and Earning Credits

Students at Map Academy in Massachusetts are still working towards credits for their graduation requirements. The school accepts students who do not thrive in traditional high school settings. The program was designed for a blended learning experience, allowing for a smooth transition for many students. Each student is equipped with a Chromebook for their online lessons. The school also has a virtual student center where students can get information. Teachers have scheduled times where they are available online or by phone to answer questions and provide additional support. The school is also offering grab-and-go meals. They have delivered meals, learning materials, toilet paper, and even a mini fridge to their students.

School Makes Video to Help Uplift Students

Las Américas ASPIRA Academy in Delaware uploaded a video letting their students know they are in this together. If you’re ready to smile and experience a bit of encouragement—click here.


If you have an uplifting story to share about educators going the extra mile, please send it to me at brittnee@publiccharters.org.

Brittnee Exum is the manager of communications and marketing at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. 


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