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It’s been another successful year for the students, alumni, teachers, leaders, and advocates in the charter school movement! As always, the National Alliance has been committed all year to share the unique stories and experiences of our schools on The Charter Blog. 

Here are our top 10 most-read blog posts for 2019:

1. Do You Have to Pay to Go to a Charter School?

Even though charter schools are public schools, we get this question all the time. To debunk the myth and make it clear that charter schools are tuition-free, we outlined exactly why this is the case. Hint: it’s that public school thing.

2. What is a Charter School Lottery?

Charter schools give families an opportunity to choose the school experience that best fits their needs, so it’s no surprise that charter schools are in high demand. Adam Gerstenfeld, the National Alliance’s research-fellow-turned-research-and-data-manager, shared how the lottery system exists to determine enrollment at charter schools when there is a waitlist.

3. Can Anyone Go to a Charter School?

The National Alliance’s education-fellow-turned-policy-and-government-relations-manager Marlon Greatrex explained how, in his experience, some parents are confused about the charter school model. He demystifies any misconceptions by sharing the facts about charter school students.

4. Are Charter Schools For-Profit?

You asked and we answered: the short answer is no. We took a deeper look and debunked this common charter school myth.

5. Can Charter Schools Deny Students?

Charter schools are free, public, and open to all students—no ‘denying’ to be had. Our blog post from our media expert Shaelyn Macedonio explains how charter schools accept all students, regardless of background, income, or ability level.

6. Do Charter Schools Have to Take State Tests?

Charter schools are public schools. Though they are independently run, charter schools are free and open to all, and are subject to several of the same state requirements as other public schools—including tests. We took a deeper dive into this commonly asked question.

7. A Young Women’s Journey from a Charter School to a Successful Career in the Music Industry

Singer-songwriter Kris Brooks—an alumna of Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts—shared how her experience at an arts-focused charter school helped shaped her career as an artist. She outlines her professional singing career and how she makes a point to give back to schools of all kinds.

8. Why Investing in Charter Schools is a Good Idea

Nathan Barrett, Ph.D., senior director of research and evaluation at the National Alliance, highlighted key insights from a study at the University of Arkansas updating how charter schools are performing in the selected eight U.S. cities. In the post, he looks at per-pupil revenue spending and return on investment in public charter schools.

9. From IDEA to the Ivy League

As part of our #CharterGrads series, IDEA College Preparatory Mission class of 2019 graduate Karla Perez-Garzca described how IDEA Public Schools opened doors of opportunity that her parents did not have. At IDEA, Karla learned the value of hard work and never settling—now she’s a freshman at Princeton University.

10. How This Charter School Applies the Holistic Waldorf Education Model

Until recently, the Waldorf education model existed primarily in expensive private schools, but with the advent of public charter schools the model spread into the public sector. Jamison White, manager of data & research at the National Alliance, profiled Journey School located in California—a school that perfectly demonstrates how the Waldorf education model helps children succeed.


Melinda Tolliver is the senior manager of digital media at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

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