Thanks to My Charter School for Helping Me Believe as I Prepare for the Next Chapter

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Denise Garcia of Mission Achievement and Success Charter School

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My mother came to the United States from Mexico to give me a better future. At that time, she was a single mother but she did not let fear get in the way of coming to America. She knew what opportunities I would have here. Since my mother did so much for me, it is easy to think about how I can reach my own goals—the biggest of which is to attend college.

I have an understanding of how difficult it is to make a living. I see how both my mother and stepfather struggle every day. They get up early in the morning and come home when the sun is down. I consistently witness their financial troubles since they are constantly in debt. It hurts so much seeing my parents ask for money because we can’t afford to pay our bills.

My parents don’t have the greatest jobs, but every day they work harder than ever. I hate seeing them work so hard and still struggle. I promised my parents when I go to college, I will be able to help them financially. They have always tried to support my little seven-year-old sister and me. I know one day, after I am finished with college, I will be able to help them, too. I will be able to get a higher paying job and offer them more.

My dreams are high in the sky—next to the stars—and despite some people trying to limit my dreams, my loving family always gives me positive thoughts. They believe that I can go beyond. My parents tell me to strive for excellence and go to college for them because they never had a chance to do the same.

I will be the first in my family to go to college and I’m very excited, but also scared. College is my highest goal and I know that I need to put in dedication, effort, and motivation. That’s why my family provides for meso that I can pursue my dreams. Mission Achievement and Success Charter School (MAS), this beautiful school, is always giving me that strength, especially Ms. JoAnn Mitchell, our school’s principal and founder.

The strong ethics the MAS taught me helped me understand the importance of structure in all areas of my life.  


Denise Garcia is currently attending Central New Mexico Community College, studying for an associate’s degree in business administration. She found the structure and focus at MAS Charter school helped her succeed.  Denise hopes to help her family expand and grow their business once she finishes her studies.


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