The Beginning of My Future

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South Tech Academy graduate Abigail Mesa

This blog post is part of our celebration of charter school graduates across the country and their achievements. Join us in celebrating our #CharterGrads!

My charter school journey began the moment I began my freshman year of high school at SouthTech Academy. Although I felt like I was still in 8th grade, the atmosphere was very welcoming. Over the years I learned new skills and received certifications that had to do with my academy. These opportunities made me feel proud of my accomplishments and pushed me to be better.

My favorite memory from my charter school was when I had the opportunity to help my film teacher in organizing the academy’s film festival. The festival has been held for almost three years now and the experience every year is amazing. In addition getting to see amazing films, I had the opportunity to meet filmmakers, directors, actors, screenwriters, and people that are involved in the films they created.

One lesson that will benefit me as I prepare for the next stage in my life is to not be afraid to rub elbows with people and get to know them. This will help me in the long run because the film industry is all about working your way up and the connections you have. As I prepare to graduate, the legacy I hope to leave behind is my accomplishments and my persona. I want people to remember me by my big heart, loving personality, and my strong work ethic. I want to be a role model for other kids who feel they can’t accomplish their goals or simply feel they can’t get by in school.

After all this time, I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life and graduate high school. What I most looked forward to on graduation day was when they called my name and I walked across the stage to receive my diploma. What makes graduation meaningful to me is that I have finally reached the finish line and I didn't give up.

After graduation, my short-term goal is to graduate college and establish myself. My long term goal is to land a job in the film industry. I would also like to create a digital marketing business so I can travel and have financial freedom.


Abigail Mesa is a 2019 graduate of SouthTech Academy. In the fall she will begin college.


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