Roxbury Prep 2019 Graduates Look to the Future

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Glahens Paul and Elsa Hishe, 2019 Roxbury Prep High School

This blog post is part of our celebration of charter school graduates across the country and their achievements. Join us in celebrating our #CharterGrads!

Glahens Paul

Glahens joined Roxbury Prep as a 7th grader at the Lucy Stone campus. His transition into academics and culture was supported by his family and his own joy of learning. His immersion and commitment to academics was only paralleled by his kind and warm persona that was felt by scholars and staff alike.

In his 8th grade year, he joined the Brain Trusta student-led group supporting the build of Roxbury Prep High School (RPHS) with ideas, initiatives, and leadership that continue to guide our school today. After completing his middle school years at the Lucy Stone campus, he joined RPHS in its founding year. He demonstrated laser focus in his AP classes, like AP World History, during the end of his 10th grade year and received straight As in his 11th grade year.

In addition to focusing on his academics, he also took on various leadership positions and continued to be involved in the community at RPHS. He helped launch RPHS’s student government and also joined the varsity football team. Despite several physical injuries, he came to every practice and game throughout both his junior and senior seasons. His innate ability to connect with his teammates and other scholars has been infectious since middle school. In student government, he helped to facilitate senior activities like the yearbook and has played a large role in shaping student culture for the upper school.

Not only did he occupy several formal positions of leadership, he also found every opportunity to informally tutor students in his class, mentor his friends, and form strong bonds with teachers. He has engaged in critical issues of equity and inclusion with staff and scholars, transforming some of the lessons he has learned academically and, in his life, to become a true agent of change amongst his community.

Due to all this hard work, he earned a Posse Scholarship for the fall. The Posse model creates small, diverse groups of unique students that act as a support network throughout their years in college and offers full financial assistance to scholars in this competitive college program. Posse does pre-college counseling, campus placement, and career coaching afterwards.

Glahens is very excited to attend Centre College, in Kentuckyon a full ridein the fall! 

Elsa Hishe

Elsa previously attended Edward Brooke during her elementary and middle school years. As a scholar there, her teachers would say, “If she wants to be the president, she is the one scholar I know who totally could do it!”

Elsa joined Roxbury Prep High School (RPHS) as a founding member of our first graduating class as a freshman. She has been an incredibly hard worker since the moment she arrived. During the first quarter of her time at RPHSwhen many students were struggling with the increased workload and advanced placement classesElsa was inducted into the DuBois Honor Society by making the honor roll.

She chose the most challenging courses as a 9th grader and continued to achieve. She took AP US History and AP Biology in her freshmen year and still managed to maintain honor roll grades the entire year. She will tell you herself that her best learned lessons are from 9th grade where she learned what she was made of and the true importance of resilience.

From there, Elsa has continued to work hard and develop as a student athlete. She played three varsity sports and was the captain of the girls’ varsity basketball team. She takes her responsibilities incredibly seriously and acts as a model for all the varsity athletics and her impact on them and their understanding of leadership comes from Elsa’s dedication, kindness, commitment, and genuine warmth.

Additionally, she has taken on an exceptionally rigorous AP trajectory including AP Spanish, AP Physics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP BC Calculus. While struggling with AP Spanish this fall, she engaged in discourse with her teacher and principal to identify key levers of success versus giving up in her final year. Elsa seeks to take every opportunity she is given and push through obstacles that stand in her way—all with a smile.

She has delicately balanced being a student athlete all four years of her high school career, making the honor roll every semester of her four years with us while acting as a varsity captain; currently with a cumulative GPA of 3.81. Elsa reflects our core value of being resilient and building community.

Elsa is looking forward to attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the fall and working to engage in business, entrepreneurship, and pursue further studies past her bachelor’s degree.


Glahens Paul is a 2019 graduate of Roxbury Prep High School. In the fall he will begin classes at Centre College in Kentucky.

Elsa Hishe is a 2019 graduate of Roxbury Prep High School. In the fall she will begin classes at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


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