Maintaining a Healthy Life Balance

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Class of 2019 graduate Rudy Hernandez reflects back on his time at Synergy Academies

This blog post is part of our celebration of charter school graduates across the country and their achievements. Join us in celebrating our #CharterGrads!

My name is Rudy Hernandez. I first became acquainted with Synergy Academies when I entered Synergy Kinetic Academy as a 6th grade student. Middle school was a time of self-discovery and finding my identity. When I entered high school, classes got harder but I learned to not stress. You have to learn how to maintain a balanceif you only work, you will stress yourself out.

You will face academic challenges. When I took AP Calculus, it was a challenge but I tried not to let that get me down. Sometimes I get very philosophical. For instance, I believe that you have to fail to learn. Failure is like a rope in the darkness—it guides you. If all you do is succeed, you are pretty lost. There is nothing to guide you. You can’t always play it safe. Sometimes you have to take risks. Sometimes doing a lot of hard work doesn’t pay off right away. You must take that risk. Life is boring if you do not take risks.

A memory I will take with me from my high school years is having lunch in my teacher’s classroom. It seems like such a privilege. During lunch I was able to get to know my teachers better and for them to get to know me as we worked through a calculus problem or discussed a project for a Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement USA competition. The relationships I formed with my teachers made me feel more comfortable and easier to talk about challenges I might be having in school or life.

In the fall I will begin classes at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). My plan is to double major in economics and computer science. They offer a wide range of class choices which appeals to my individuality. I learned how to pace myself with a healthy school and life balance after watching my sister drop out when she was unable to work and maintain her grades. My sister has since attended a community college and will graduate from California State University at Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She is my inspiration. 

After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I plan to continue working for a while. Then I hope to return to school, get my master’s degree, get married, and settle down to start a family. I would like to thank all my teachers at both Synergy Kinetic and Synergy Quantum Academy for the encouragement they have given and will continue to give me.


Rudy Hernandez is a 2019 graduate of Synergy Quantum Academy. In the fall he will begin classes at the University of California at San Diego.


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