Letter to the Editor: 2020 Democrats, Don’t Give the Unions a Foothold on Charter Schools

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To the Editor:

In Eliza Shapiro’s recent piece, “How did Charter Schools Lose Their Luster? Our Reporter Explains,” the misleading headline ignores Shapiro’s positive findings following her time spent in charter school classrooms: where schools are uniquely positioned to put the needs of students first. Just as Shapiro spotlights, the nimble way charter schools adapt to better serve their students should be the “gold standard” in education. All charter schools are public schools, and their flexible and autonomous model is paid for by a pledge of high accountability to their authorizer, parents, and the public. According to a Stanford University CREDO study, in urban charter schools, low-income Black students gained 59 additional days in math and 44 additional days in reading annually. To say that this school model is “losing its luster” is to ignore its proven academic success and let politicians - desperate for endorsement from the teacher’s unions - tread on the 3.2 million children across the nation whose only shot at a high-quality education lies within the shine of a charter school.

Nina Rees
President and CEO
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 


The above letter was submitted to The New York Times on July 26, 2019