Reflecting on My Charter School Years as I Prepare for the Navy

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Mission Achievement and Success Charter School graduate Adan Cuevas

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I am almost done with high school. Looking back at it now, I learned how to believe in myself with the help of those around me. Going to Mission Achievement and Success Charter School (MAS) helped me grow to be a stronger person in more than one way. When I started at the school in sixth grade, I struggled with my math and English skills, but MAS gave me an opportunity to be successful. With support from the school, I strengthened my English and math skills and learned I had more motivation within me than I thought. I started to believe there were things I could do that I never thought could be possible.

When I started to make unwise choices during my freshman year at a district school, I knew that I needed to make changes and go back to MAS. Unlike my district school, my teachers noticed when I wasn’t in class. My MAS teachers would ask me how I was doing, what was going on at home, and about anything else that may have been going on. The structure, community, and constant attention to all the students made it easier for me to reach my goals of getting a high school diploma and finding a career path.

Being surrounded by the college counselors and teachers at MAS, I was able to see the different life paths I could take. Their feedback and advice were priceless. The college counseling department talked to me about my career and college goals, helping me to eventually make the decision to join the Navy.

I am beyond thankful for such a great opportunity to come to this charter school. I am so proud and surprised with myself to become someone I never thought I could be. After this, I will continue my life in the Navy, always striving for the greatness I learned about at MAS Charter School.


Adan Cuevas was one of the original students in the sixth-grade class at the Mission Achievement and Success Charter School in 2012. He has been a vital member of the community and worked as a school aide, assisting with after school programs and helping watch elementary school students. He graduated earlier this year and decided to join the Navy. His resilient spirit and inspiration from MAS Charter School pushed him to do more than he thought he could. After growing up in an environment where it was difficult for him to succeed, he found a whole support system at MAS Charter School to help him reach his goals.


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