Letter to the Editor: Let’s Get One Thing Straight—Charter Schools are a Remedy for Thousands of American Families

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To the Editor:

In Jack Schneider’s recent piece School’s Out, he gets a lot of things right about public charter schools. Charter schools are innovative and have a much greater ability to adapt to their student populations than do traditional public schools. And charter schools do provide an alternative for students who need a high-quality education the most.

But Mr. Schneider misses the mark by painting the success of charter schools as a mixed bag. Research has shown that students attending charter schools are more likely to graduate from high school (7-11 percent higher), attend and persist in college (10-11 percent and 6-13 percent higher, respectively), and have higher future earnings (more than 12 percent higher). Studies have also found that female students are less likely to become pregnant in their teens, male students are less likely to be incarcerated, and students are less likely to be absent.

So while Mr. Schneider sees a “promise unfulfilled” in charter schools, he certainly is not speaking for the thousands of charter school parents and students who will be attending graduations across the country this month.

Nina Rees
President and CEO
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


The above letter was submitted to The Washington Post on May 30, 2019