5 Ways to Reimagine Education at the National Charter Schools Conference

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As we wrap up another successful National Charter Schools Week, we want to acknowledge the incredible educators who give 100% of themselves each day to their students.

Innovation is not just for students. The National Alliance is constantly looking for new ways for teachers, principals, administrators, board members, and all leaders to learn and network with their peers at the one event that brings them all together.

We’ve challenged ourselves this year to reimagine the education that attendees get at the 2019 National Charter Schools Conference with new initiatives to enhance the conference experience and embrace the theme: “Reimagining Education.”

1. Homeroom

Birds of a feather flock together, and this year, we’re providing you with a nest by introducing Homeroom as a space for conference attendees to calmly start their day and build community with likeminded individuals.

Each morning conference attendees can choose a different homeroom to attend with a theme: Monday’s themes are special interests (think: solo attendees, rural schools, under 30), Tuesday will group everyone by career track (calling all teacher leaders to room 19!), and Wednesday will be by region to connect with those closest to home.

Participants can collaborate, brainstorm new ideas, and solve some of the most pressing issues facing charter schools in the form of scenarios. We’ll also provide sessions and activities for attendees to participate in throughout the conference related to each homeroom to help attendees focus on the content that best meets their interests.

2. Living Library

Opportunities to problem-solving and network are two of the top reasons attendees come to the National Charter Schools Conference. There are hundreds of experts attending the conference with the right advice to help you and your team tackle some of your biggest challenges.

But finding the right people and arranging the time can be difficult. We want to help you connect with these experts, which is why we have developed our living library—a designated area in the conference space that allows for attendees to “check out” our human experts for a 15-minute one-on-one to pick their brains on a specific topic.

3. Charter Talks

Not everyone learns the same way, so in recent years we’ve expanded our opportunities to learn with our Charter Talks lounge.

Now in its third year, attendees can hear from experts in inspiring 15-minute presentations that get to the crux of issues. These sessions continue to grow in quality each year and we are proud to provide these TED Talks-style sessions for our attendees.

These compelling presentations follow a story arc to deliver a big idea, dive deep into an issue, or spotlight a small idea with a big impact. Charter Talks provide a different way to learn and engage with peers.

4. Wellness Area

Mental and physical wellness is a hot topic in education and not just for students. It is important for educators to take care of themselves and model good habits in their students.

In our wellness area, attendees will be able to participate in hourly meditation and yoga practices as well as daily mindfulness workshops. We’ll also have therapy dogs—because research shows that animals can help you relax and reset (and who are we to argue with that!?).

5. Podcasts

Podcasting is not new, but we will bring two great podcasts to the National Charter Schools Conference for the first time.

8 Black Hands and Academica Media’s Charter School Superstars will record live from the Charter Talks stage. Take this opportunity to meet and network with the podcasters, see what happens behind the scenes, and engage with others who have similar interests.

There are plenty of opportunities to network and problem-solve at the National Charter Schools Conference to reimagine education well beyond these five examples. It is our goal to change the way educators learn, empower their creativity, and inspire them to go back to their schools and reimagine the education that happens in their classrooms.

Let’s keep the momentum going from National Charter Schools Week!


Patricia Guidetti is the director of programs at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.


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