Commitment to Community Exemplified by Charter School Teacher

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Davian Morgan, fifth year charter school teacher

This blog post is part of our 2019 Teacher Appreciation Week celebration highlighting just a few of the teachers at public charter schools who are going above and beyond for their students. Thank you to all the teachers in the charter school movement!

Like many teachers around the country, Davian Morgan began his journey into education as a Teach for America corps member in 2014 when he was placed in the D.C. region at Ingenuity Prep Public Charter Elementary School. However, what sets him aside from his peers is his drive to succeed and his commitment to the community he grew up in.

During his corps years, Davian completed his Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University. He then completed a fellowship with FLAMBOYAN, a program that focuses on developing family engagement skills to further progress student achievement. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate from Vanderbilt University while working full-time at Ingenuity Prep.

In August of 2017, Davian got his final year teaching off to a strong start by founding Hopeful HoriSONs, INC., a nonprofit organization driven by a single goal: to broaden the horizons of young boys of color living in at-risk communities. This organization meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays and gives young boys an opportunity to do homework together, learn social-emotional skills, and spend time learning how to be young gentlemen. Davian’s work with these boys is crucial to the success of our entire school, The transferable skills the boys learn with Davian help them to be more successful during the day, at home, and when they are out in their community.

Commitment to Community Exemplified Davian Morgan with students

Davian’s exceptional work ethic and commitment to his students has been recognized across the country. He was recently a featured speaker at the second annual Terps Under 30 event at the University of Maryland, where he discussed how he found his passion for community activism through education and founded his own nonprofit at the age of 27. Most recently, Davian attended the Deloitte Courageous Principals conference in Dallas where he began to prepare for his new journey into school leadership. He was also nominated for the 2020 District of Columbia Teacher of the Year award.

Next year, Davian will be moving into a vice principal role, leading a large team of 3rd-5th grade literacy teachers and students through what is most certainly going to be a successful year. As Davian’s colleague for three years, I can most certainly say it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with someone who exemplifies commitment to community. He pushes all of his coworkers to be the best versions of ourselves so, ultimately, we can be the best for our students.  


Sapna Singh is a D.C. Region Teach for America alum ('16). She’s currently a fifth grade teacher in Washington, D.C. For the past three years, she has taught a variety of grades at Ingenuity Prep Public Charter Elementary School, including first and fourth grade. Next year, she will be moving into a special education role at the same school.


May 6, 2019 - 01:25pm
Goldie Morgan

Davian was taught when he was very young that I “grandmother “ only except A’s on his classroom and report cards. I would say how was your day he would respond good. I would respond back good, great, excellent. I told him to always give back to the community.