Letter to the Editor: NPE Study Contains Falsehoods about Public Charter Schools

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To the Editor:

In a recent opinion piece, Jeff Bryant presented his “report” as if it were from a reputable, non-partisan source. In fact, the Network for Public Education (NPE) is a union funded organization whose mission is to prevent charter schools from providing public-school options to students.

Mr. Bryant’s “report” on the federal Charter Schools Program lacks a single footnote for the many “claims” in its “study.” Many of the “facts” are unverified and are not taken from official sources but extracted from publications issued by anti-charter organizations. It also relies on severely outdated studies that have been addressed in state or federal law or rebutted.

Since the very beginning, the charter school community has welcomed oversight. Unlike other public schools that can remain open and fail students for generations, public charter schools that are not serving students will stand to be closed. Their model demonstrates strong accountability and ensures generational disenfranchisement does not become the status quo.

Too many disadvantaged students lack access to high quality schools yet entrenched special interest groups would like to keep things just the way they are. But until every child has access to an excellent public school, we will continue to fight for students.

Amy Wilkins
Senior Vice President of Advocacy 
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


The above letter was submitted to the Morning Call on April 9, 2019.