Born to Be A Teacher

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Blow Pierce Public Charter School Academy science teacher Lynne D. Holcomb-Gober

I was born a teacher. My mother taught French and English in the 1940s. My great grandmother was the first Black music teacher in Oxford, N.C. And after graduating from Virginia State University, I became a teacher in 1977.

I was a teacher of science and mathematics in public schools for most of my educational journey. Teaching has always been in my blood. I was introduced to Friendship Public Charter School in 2014 and oh my goodness—I thank God for the opportunities public school afforded me, but it was Friendship Public Charter that helped to bring out the “best of me” every single day!  

I think that the Friendship Charter School system is second to none. It promotes academic excellence and provides partnerships with a myriad of public and private community-based organizations which has helped my students to learn outside of the classroom. My charter school really encourages innovation and a progressive learning environment. What a teacher believes, knows, shares, and creates—both in and out of the classroom—contributes to student success. My charter school really encourages innovation and a progressive learning environment. 

Two female students at Blow Pierce Public Charter School Academy

I have been teaching for 29 years within my 42-year career in education. My degree is microbiology and science is my passion. As a teacher of color, I feel that I have served as a mentor, mother, godmother and auntie—for not just children of color—but for all young ladies so that they know they can do whatever they want to do in a career. Inviting special guests—especially women of color—hosting a “Just us Girls” program, giving advice, and supporting them in science and every day makes teaching fulfilling for me. Friendship Charter School allows me to go beyond the classroom. In 2016, I took several students to Flint, Michigan on a mission of support during the “Flint Water Crisis.” We delivered 18 cases of drinking water to another charter school, International Academy of Flint. It was an awesome experience for the students to share and create a true sense of community service and love for your fellow man.

During Black History Month, I require students to re-create the original invention of an African-American inventor or scientist. This project is presented in my “BlacSeum” showcase each February. It is an interactive museum where students share the creation. For Women’s History Month, I require my students to research the role of a woman in the STEM field, display the findings on a poster or PowerPoint, and present the information to the elementary students in our school. I am also the sponsor of “Techbridge girls” club where the young ladies complete lab activities and meet women working in the STEM field.

Students at Blow Pierce Public Charter School Academy

I work in Friendship Public Charter School and am very proud of it. It has given me a sense of belonging and the family environment within the staff allows me to help others. I truly feel honored to work at Blow Pierce Public Charter School Academy.


Lynne D. Holcomb-Gober is a science teacher at Friendship Blow Pierce Elementary & Middle School.


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March 22, 2019 - 09:54pm
Dr.Jeffrey Grant

Lynne Gober is a TRUE who develops the mind and the spirit!

March 25, 2019 - 09:21am

Thank you Dr. Grant for giving me the opportunity to teach Science at Blow Pierce Academy and for supporting my efforts.

March 22, 2019 - 11:56pm
Dr. Shirley Iv…

Lynne Holcomb-Gober is a patient, caring, and dedicated teacher who has the ability to see the greatness in her students and inspire them toward greatness.

March 24, 2019 - 07:56am
Davetta Morgan

Lynne Gober is onenof the most dedicated teachers that has ever been in a classroom. She gives her students the time and caring they need to develop good good learjjng habits amd offers them wisdom that will last a lifetime.

March 27, 2019 - 08:02pm
Sean Beach

In my 7th grade year, Ms. Gober was my science teacher and all that I can say is the way she teaches her students and connects many different aspects of who she is into her teaching style is definitely unnoticed.

February 25, 2021 - 11:06pm
Lynn Greer

Hey Lynne
Great to see that you had an enjoyable career. Your friend Lynn Greer