Letter to the Editor: All Public School Students Matter, Including Charter School Students

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To the Editor:

In Alex Caputo-Pearl’s op-ed, Why Teacher Strikes Show No Sign of Slowing Down, the author asserts it is time for Democrats and others to “choose a side” as he unleashes falsehoods about public charter schools and misleads his own teacher members about the Los Angeles Unified fiscal cliff.  However, until every child in America is in a high-quality public school, the side we must choose is the one that does not to limit opportunities for kids.

Pitting parents against parents, teachers against teachers and Democrats against Republicans is sadly a popular union approach. But if we replaced manufactured strife with an honest conversation, we will likely agree on the need for equitable funding, safe public-school buildings, and accountability for all kids.

Trying to distract from the real issues of chronically underperforming schools, and unsustainable benefit costs by casting aspersion on charter schools, mirrors political desperation instead of a thoughtful solution.  As a parent and public-school advocate, I am tired of people like Caputo-Pearl suggesting that my two kids in district schools are somehow more important than my two children in charter schools. They are all public-school students and they all deserve access to the best public schools we can offer. 

Peri Lynn Turnbull
Chief External Relations and Strategy Officer
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


The above letter was submitted to The Washington Post on February 11, 2019.