The Next Phase to Adulthood

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As I prepare for my Mission, Achievement and Success Charter School (MAS) senior trip to Italy, I reflect back over these last few weeks of the beginning of summer. I look back over the last four years, and realize how important they were to my future. I achieved so much, and I feel that I can accomplish much more. I was able to share my success with my family, friends and my MAS family at our very first MAS robing and graduation ceremoniesand to all, I would like to say thank you…

One of my favorite memories is when Mrs. Galetti would encourage me to pursue my goals and would say, “Follow what you want to do in life. If you don’t try to achieve, life won’t hand it to you." I would like to say to all the students at MAS to persevere and never give up. What I learned over the last 12 years is that if you try hard enough, everything will work out!

If it weren’t for MAS, I would not have been able to travel and see things. I learned what it is like in other countries, such as Italy. My family has always wanted the best for me and that is why I came to MAS six years ago.

It truly seems like yesterday I was a freshman, and to think that I’m planning for my freshman year in college truly boggles my mind. Everyone’s high school experience is different, but I would like to encourage everyone who I left behind to take each challenge as it comes and live in the moment. From suffering through those never-ending classes to finding out what your plans are for the futurehigh school helps you grow patience, confidence, communication skills, and social awareness. It may seem like it will never end, but by the time you graduate you will realize how much of an impact it has really made on your life.

My main goal now is to pursue a degree in filmmaking at Santa Fe Community College in the fall. I plan to become an independent filmmaker and eventually start my own production company. I know the road will be long and even hard at times, but I have the ability to focus and go after what I want in life. I will power through all things that come at me and prove anyone wrong who didn’t believe in me.

Marcos Gonzales is a 2018 graduate of the Mission, Achievement and Success Charter School in Albuquerque, N.M.  He will be attending the Santa Fe Community College in August 2018. Marcos was one of nine original MAS students that graduated this year.

This blog is a part of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' month long celebration of #CharterGrads.