Striving to Make my Dreams a Reality

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My name is Rénesia Mills and I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colo. Most of my life, I watched my single mother work two jobs to ensure that I had everything I needed. At times when my mom had to work late, my grandparents stepped in and made sure that I ate, they helped me with homework, and they had me in bed by the time my mom came home. I can honestly say that I get my work ethic and determination from my mother. My mom is the biggest reason I work so hard to achieve my life goals; I want her to know that she worked hard for a reason and I greatly appreciate all the time and money she has invested in my education. From the time I was little, my family has always pushed me to succeed in everything I attempt to do. I was taught to always strive for the best and never let anyone limit my dreams and talents. I have always striven to be the best version of myself because I strongly believe in reaching my full potential.

I transferred to Pikes Peak Prep as an incoming sixth grader and I remained there until my recent graduation on May 24, 2018. The staff was remarkable, and they helped me stay on track towards my path of success. Most importantly, they developed a personal relationship with me which let me know that they truly wanted to see me succeed. I was not just another student in a seat. I am most grateful for having the opportunity to enter the dual enrollment program at Pikes Peak Community College. I began dual enrollment my sophomore year in high school and I was only fifteen credits short of obtaining my Associates Degree upon graduation. It was a blessing that Pikes Peak Prep payed for my tuition while I was still in high school.

There were several times when I became stressed and overwhelmed, but the staff at Pikes Peak Prep were consistent in helping me in any way they could. I will never forget all that Kim Skarns, the former high school English teacher and assistant principal, did for me. She was the reason I was so successful in my education because she would always help me with essays and writing assignments, even if she had work of her own to do. She is truly a blessing in my life and because of her constantly pushing me beyond my limits, I am proud to say that I am going on to become a journalist. Pikes Peak Prep has greatly prepared me for success in my college journey and I will not have to be in school as long as most teens my age just graduating from high school.

In the fall of 2018, I will finish my Associates Degree at Pikes Peak Community College and then I will be transferring to the University of Tampa for the spring semester. I am excited to begin my journey at the University of Tampa while I study journalism and communications. I am hoping to study abroad and use my passion for traveling and writing as I prepare my career. I want to be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

This blog is a part of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' month long celebration of #CharterGrads.

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