I'm so Grateful for my Daughter's Charter School

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Today, I look back at how far my daughter Cara-Star Tyner has come. She graduated from elementary school this month and wow, she sure has done an amazing job. Starting in second grade, after transferring from a district school in Brooklyn, N.Y., we had no idea what to expect. The teachers at Bronx Charter School For Excellence were so warm and welcoming, it was as though she had finally found her special place. We had our ups and downs trying to get physical and occupational therapy in place for her. 

She has neurofibromitosis 1, NF1, like her father. She was diagnosed at birth and has being doing physical and occupational therapy since kindergarten. Bronx Charter School For Excellence did not have anyone in the school to aid her when she got there. But, the guidance counselors went above and beyond to make sure she got what she needed and a few months after she started I was sure that she was supported in school.

This school felt like a family. Everyone looked out for each other and I was never concerned about anything that was going on. I knew her every move and I always knew that she was safe. The teachers would personally text me and I was comfortable leaving Cara-Star in their hands. We all had the same goal, everyone wanted her to succeed and I appreciate their dedication to my daughter. 

Her graduation was a fabulous day and we will miss Bronx Charter School For Excellence very much. She even received a certificate from Senator Jamaal T. Bailey recognizing her for volunteer work and good citizenship.

Although she is nervous and pensive about junior high school, her teachers have prepared her for the next step in her journey. I appreciate everything and will never forget all that they did for both of us. Cara-Star has a confidence and happiness that was nourished at this school. Her experiences were sometimes challenging and difficult but in the end so rewarding. I am honored to be her mother and watch her blossom. Thank you, Bronx Charter School For Excellence.

This blog is a part of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' month long celebration of #CharterGrads.

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